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Feed Your Face: Eat for Good Skin (and a Skinny Waistline) at Holiday Parties

By Dr Jessica Wu

Do you have a favorite holiday food -- like stuffing or pie? Now imagine that you had to do a swimsuit photo shoot or appear in a nude scene in a movie soon after the holidays. While their lives sound glamorous when actors and models fly off to exotic locations at a moment’s notice, they can't afford to let themselves go over the holidays. Here are some of their insider secrets on how to enjoy yourself at a holiday party but not regret it afterward:

Go easy on the sides. Stuffing and mashed potatoes can be loaded with hidden butter and cream -- all of which can aggravate breakouts and make it harder to fit into your jeans. Take just a bite or two, and instead pile green and yellow veggies on your plate -- they're low in calories and have been associated with fewer wrinkles, especially crow’s-feet.

Watch your liquid calories. Creamy eggnog and hot chocolate with marshmallows definitely hit the spot when it’s cold outside, but they pack loads of calories without making you feel full. They’re also full of dairy, which can aggravate breakouts. Take a sip or two, then switch to mulled cider or hot tea with soy or almond milk.

Go ahead -- eat dessert! Depriving yourself will only make you crave it more -- and you may offend your hosts if you refuse to have any. Take one small piece of cheesecake or one small slice of pie (not one of each). For a smarter choice, choose pumpkin pie (which contains fiber and vitamin A) over shortbread or cupcakes (carbs + sugar = more wrinkles).


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