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Feed Your Face for the Oscars — or any Special Event

By Dr Jessica Wu

One of my actress patients is attending the Academy Awards this weekend (and no, I can’t tell you who it is). The rest of us may spend a couple of hours watching the show this Sunday (or at least a few minutes flipping through the pages of People to see the gowns).

But for this patient, the past month has been a whirlwind of interviews, photo shoots, and parties. Needless to say, it’s been hard for her to eat healthily -- and her skin was starting to show it, with dullness and breakouts. I got her back on track with this prescription for glowing skin:


Snack regularly. My patient has been logging 18-hour days, so by the time she gets to the parties, she’s starving and is tempted to eat every greasy appetizer in sight. I suggested some face-friendly snacks to stabilize her blood sugar (and keep acne and wrinkles at bay): Greek yogurt with blueberries, which tastes like cheesecake; green beans (either freshly steamed or freeze-dried, or even green-bean chips -- not low-cal, I know, but they’re better for your skin than potato chips; find them at nutsonline.com); and my personal favorite: dark chocolate–covered almonds.

Watch what you drink. The minute you walk into a Hollywood party, someone hands you a drink. Often a bartender will have whipped up a special concoction just for the occasion, typically a sweet martini-type cocktail with a sugared rim. If you’re going to three parties a night, that adds up. I recommended instead that my patient toast with the drink, then set it down and ask for club soda (or, if the drink is really delicious, ask for it without the sugared rim, and have just one). Sugar is broken down by the body into glucose, which binds to the collagen in skin, making skin less resilient. Sugar is also inflammatory, which means it can worsen acne and rashes.

Follow this advice the next time you’re getting ready for a special event -- it’ll keep your skin calm and your figure sleek.


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