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Feed Your Face: Getting the Best Skin of Your Life

By Dr Jessica Wu

My new book, Feed Your Face, is a fun and easy guide to getting the best skin of your life -- no expensive products or prescriptions required. In addition to the delicious 28-day meal plan it features, the book is packed with yummy, face-friendly snack ideas, a Restaurant Guide, and real-life stories (including those of my celebrity friends, like Katherine Heigl, Kimora Lee Simmons, and Maria Bello).


Many people have asked me why I wrote this book. The answer is, To help those who have struggled with their skin and who want a lifetime of healthy, beautiful skin. Years ago I started asking my patients, regardless of the reason for their visit, to tell me about their diet. Over and over, I heard variations on the same theme: “I know that my diet doesn’t have an effect on my skin, but I seem to break out every time I eat (fill in the blank).” Or “When I avoid certain foods, my skin looks smoother and glows.” It didn’t take me long to notice some definite patterns, and to realize that I was onto something. Maybe food did affect the skin, despite what I’d been taught at Harvard Medical School. After reading the medical literature, then doing my own research, I put my findings into practice.

The first version of the “Feed Your Face Diet” was a pile of stapled pages that I passed out to a few patients. Before long, their family and friends were asking for it. I even gave it to my celebrity clients who, despite having access to the best skin creams, facialists, and doctors in the world, suffer from the same skin problems as everyone else. And guess what? I started to see results. Major results. Skin looked more radiant. Acne cleared. Rashes subsided. Even the women I treat who already had beautiful, blemish-free complexions swore that their skin looked and felt more healthy than it had in years. With Feed Your Face, you now have the power to get better skin -- all you have to do is eat!

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