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Go Ahead, Eat That Halloween Candy

By Dr Jessica Wu

Do you have leftover Halloween candy lying around the house? Did a coworker bring a bowl of sweets to the office this morning? Chances are, you’ll come across some sweet temptation today. Those of you who have been following my Feed Your Face advice for a while know that sugar can aggravate acne, wrinkles, and rashes.

But if you simply can’t resist, there are ways to enjoy a sweet treat and minimize the effects on your skin. Here’s how:


Choose your candy wisely. Dark chocolate peanut M&M’s are better than Jelly Bellys, since you’re getting some protein in the nuts. Likewise, choose the Snickers over Milky Way. Dark chocolate is less deadly than milk chocolate, which is higher in sugar and has dairy, which has been linked to acne. .

Save your candy for the end of the day. If you have Butterfingers for breakfast, your blood sugar will be sky high, and it will be out of whack all day. On the other hand, studies have shown that eating a high protein, low carb breakfast (like scrambled eggs, whole wheat toast with peanut butter, or Greek yogurt with berries) keeps your blood sugar more stable at lunch and dinner. Then, if you do splurge on Butterfingers later in the day, it will have less of an effect on your blood sugar and therefore your skin.

Have your candy at the end of a well-balanced meal. Have a piece of candy for dessert, not in addition to dessert. You won’t be as hungry, so you’ll be less tempted to eat a whole bag of Tootsie Rolls.


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