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Feed Your Face: How the Stars Snack

By Dr Jessica Wu

Imagine being stuck at work for 12 hours or more, unable to run out for Starbucks or lunch. That’s what it’s like for many actors on movie and TV sets. Because they may be called in front of the camera at a moment’s notice, they can’t leave, even for meals. And if they’re not big stars, they may not be able to choose what kind of food will be available. This makes it difficult for those who are trying to eat healthfully for their bodies and their skin. To make matters worse, in addition to the catered meals, there’s usually a craft service table that’s loaded with salty and sugary snacks and drinks, including coffee, sodas, chips, pretzels, cookies, and candy. Here’s what I tell my actor patients who are stuck on the set (as well as other patients who work long hours):

Bring your own treats. Pack your own skin-friendly snacks, including dry-roasted, unsalted almonds and walnuts mixed with dried fruit. The nuts contain healthy fats that are essential for supple skin, and the fruit will satisfy your sweet tooth. For example, in between takes on the set of Cougartown, Christa Miller snacks on homemade trail mix. (Get the recipe on page 243 of Feed Your Face.)

Graze. Even if you won’t be eating your main meal until the end of the day, try to snack at regular intervals throughout the day to keep your blood sugar stable. High blood sugar (glucose) has been shown to adversely affect your skin’s collagen and has also been linked to acne breakouts.

Eat more protein. If you give in to the urge for a bag of pretzels or chips, pair it with some protein (like sliced roast turkey or chicken). The protein will give you more sustained energy and help keep your blood sugar from rising too quickly. Maria Bello, for example, has a weakness for Popchips and Fritos. While she has naturally youthful skin, she would like her pores to look smaller, so swapping these salty snacks with more face-friendly options (like carrot sticks and hummus) will help her skin look smoother.

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