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FEED YOUR FACE: How to Eat for Good Skin While Travelling

By Dr Jessica Wu

Are you headed out of town this summer? Whether you're planning a month-long vacation or a long weekend away, it's tempting to fall off the healthy-eating wagon when you're travelling. This is why many of my patients come back from a trip with skin problems and some unwanted pounds. Here are some easy ways to stay on track:

Pack your meals and snacks. This requires extra time and planning, but you'll be able to resist the food court at the airport and you won't be tempted by the buy-on-board Doritos and mystery meat sandwich-in-a-bag.

Be considerate. In a confined space like a car or plane, pungent foods can make your neighbors nauseated, so stick with low-odor foods. Pack: dried fruit, nuts, celery, carrots, broccoli, cherry tomatoes, cubed chicken or turkey, edamame. These proteins and veggies are easy to eat, travel well, won't offend your seatmates, and are good for your skin. Avoid: eggs, curry, kimchi, and pungent cheeses.

Choose wisely. If you have to eat at the airport or on the plane, choose the least-processed foods. For example, Starbucks usually has fresh fruit, chicken wraps, and tuna salads. Try to avoid pasta and dairy, which can aggravate acne breakouts and make you bloat. Sauces are often packed with sugar (which worsens acne and rashes) and salt (which makes you puffy) so ask for sauces on the side or better yet, skip the sauces altogether. You’ll feel better when you get to your destination, and you can save the calories for your actual vacation.


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