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Oatmeal for Smoother Skin and a Sleeker Body

By Dr Jessica Wu

After the holidays, my skinny jeans are feeling a little tighter than usual. I tried blaming the washer and dryer, but it’s probably because I couldn’t resist the holiday desserts and Christmas cookies. I also notice that I’m a little more broken out than usual. Sound familiar? The likely culprit is extra helpings of carbs and sugar.

Now that the holidays are over, I’ll help you get back on track — for better skin and a sleeker figure!


One of my secret weapons is oatmeal. But not sweetened, instant oatmeal, which sends your blood sugar sky high, making your body store fat and triggering inflammation (and therefore breakouts). Instead, I recommend steel-cut or rolled oats, which are a great source of fiber and are digested more slowly. If you have a bowl of oatmeal instead of a muffin, your blood sugar will be more stable all day, even if you eat something sweet later. My favorite brand is Christine & Rob’s oatmeal (christineandrobs.com), which one of my patients turned me on to (Thanks, Shelley!). It might seem like a pain to cook in the morning, but it’s really quick. I dump a half cup along with a cup of water into a saucepan while I’m putting on my eye makeup. By the time I’m done, so is the oatmeal, and it just takes a few more minutes to eat. Quicker than standing in line at Starbucks, and better for your waistline.

Oats also contain proteins and lipids that help cleanse, moisturize, and soothe your skin from the outside, which is why oatmeal is a great ingredient for homemade scrubs and masks. It’s been proven to help those with eczema, allergic rashes, and poison ivy, and it’s safe for sensitive skin.