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Feed Your Face: Skin-Friendly Party Snacks

By Dr Jessica Wu

Here I am with the fabulous Kimora Lee Simmons at a party she hosted to celebrate Feed Your Face! Because my book is all about how to get gorgeous skin at your very next meal, we decided to serve skin-friendly munchies (and drinks). Here’s what was on the menu:
  • Rustic, thin-crust whole-wheat pizza with spinach, charred yellow squash, and salted almond pesto. (Green and yellow veggies help soften wrinkles, especially crow’s-feet.)
  • Red curry squash croquettes with walnut salsa verde. (Walnuts are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which help keep your skin supple and hydrated.)
  • Warm fava bean crostini with green bean and sprout salad and sheep’s milk feta. (Green beans are high in the natural element silicon, which can help grow thicker, healthier hair and nails.)
  • Lentil and chickpea pancakes, with Moroccan spiced chicken, currants, and mint. (Lentils are high in zinc, which helps fight breakouts.)
  • Mini chicken and fennel meatballs with spicy tomato ragù. (Tomatoes help fight sunburn and sun damage.)
  • Toasted almonds in dark chocolate. (Dark chocolate is high in antioxidants; almonds can help fight gray hair.)
What are your favorite party snacks?


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